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I love weddings (as both a guest and a photographer). I love the laughter, the tears, the tender moments and the sheer joy of it all. Once the day is over, I want you to be able to look at your wedding photos and relive it all - the excitement of the morning preparations, the emotion of the  ceremony, the laughter of the reception, the secrets revealed in the speeches and the fun of the dancefloor.

Therefore, on the day of your wedding, I will be as unobtrusive as possible and stand back so that I can capture the day as it unfolds. I'll be looking for the moments that make your day special so that you can look back on them in years to come and still feel the love and the joy that you felt on the day.  We will also sneak away for a short while so that I can take some beautiful portraits of the two of you together and we will work together before the day to put a plan in place so that you have any group photos that are important to you.

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