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I have been working in schools for ten years, previously as a classroom teacher and currently as a deputy head teacher.  I know schools - how they run, how they change constantly, how people interact and, most importantly, how to engage with the pupils. I understand the important part that your website and prospectus play in showcasing the unique character of your school and the opportunities that you offer. As a school leader and also a photographer, I always look for the fun, the laughter, the creative and inspiring lessons that hook children in, the extra-curricular activities that instil in them a lifelong love of sport, drama, music or art and, of course, those beautiful moments when a child just 'gets it'. These things exist in every school and are exactly what I will be looking for through my camera.

Prior to shooting, I will do a site walk and meet with a member of the team so that, before the day of shooting, I understand your school and exactly what you want to achieve.

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