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I remember, aged about ten, heading off with my family to a photography studio above a Savacentre, sporting a never-fashionable bowl hair cut. Dressed in my 'nice clothes', I stood where I was told and smiled at the camera. The resulting photos weren't bad; we look very respectable (despite the haircuts). But we could be any family - you can't tell that we laughed a lot together or that we would tease each other mercilessly. You can't tell that our parents have great senses of humour or that we spent most of our childhood tearing around outside because we grew up living in a boarding school. 

Therefore, firstly, for your family photoshoot, I come to you - you might want the photos in your house, you might want them in a local park or you might want them a few miles away in a place that you love to visit. I want the photos to reflect you - who you are, your relationships, how you spend time and I want the children to be themselves. Those are the pictures that I would like from my childhood and so I won't be calling out lots of poses or asking you all to smile at the camera. Instead, I'll give you a few prompts or just stand back and let you be you while I snap away. It's fun, I promise!

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