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Hi, I'm Anna!


I'm a family and wedding photographer based in East Sussex and I'm delighted you're here!


The most important things to know about me: I love stand-up comedy, musical theatre, a good book, walks with dogs, a road trip anywhere in the world, beaches in winter, snow-covered mountains, log cabins, an open fire, a nice wine and sitting in restaurants for hours with friends. 


After ten years in teaching and school leadership, I also work as a school improvement adviser in Kent when I'm not taking photos and am really passionate about all things education. 

I should probably also tell you that I hate having my photo taken so I feel and understand your fear! I am the worst for making people take several shots before I am happy. 


To keep it really simple – I love taking photos of people.


Over time I have worked hard to learn what I love most and do best so let me share:


Wedding Photography

I love weddings! I am proud of the fact that I can make couples feel relaxed during their couple portraits, that I can capture the emotion of the ceremony and the speeches and get candid photos of your guests laughing, being silly and having fun without them knowing I’m there.


Family Photography

I love photographing families outdoors where we can play games, get a little noisy, get moving, do some big laughing and capture energy and real smiles. I like a family photoshoot that gets a little silly and that everyone (even the dads) enjoy.


Contact Me


Alternatively, use the chat feature at the bottom of the page or use my contact form:

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